Ray Smerlin assists companies with employee events, client events, trade show infotainment and other gatherings requiring some form of entertainment or keynote speaking. Clients include American Cancer Society, RJ Corman, Pennwell, University of Kentucky, Yum! Brands and many many more.


You get the most impact when you leave people with a smile and laughter. Ray’s professional team knows how to get people involved in the moment, taking the audience to that special place inside of them that brings joy. Combine that with your branding and message, and you will make an impact!


Entertaining should be a creative, one of a kind, emotional experience for everyone. The performer or speaker you are looking for has to be held to the highest standards and has to have your best interests at heart.


Branding and personalization are very important. Ray will take the time to learn what your needs and goals are. Learn how he combines your message and your brand into the entertainment. Your event is too important to be treated as just another paycheck or just another gig to someone.

Ray also has a very unique option for private events called “Magic Dinner Bourbon”; a curious blend of spellbinding entertainment, fine food and drink. (more info at www.MagicDinnerBourbon.com)


Your event is an extension of your company.

  • At the trade show, you want your brand to be given serious consideration.
  • At the fund raiser, you want to celebrate the organization you are raising funds for.
  • At the corporate party, you want to show how you care about your employees.
  • At the reception, you want your clients to see how you recognize their value.

The success of your event is very important to Ray.

It is his job to see to it that the message you want to convey is done in a unique, fun, celebratory way.

You accomplish this by using his infotainers, speakers and performers. They become an integral, valued part of your team. They work with you to accomplish your goals.

He has made the commitment that this year will be the year he makes a positive difference every day in every relationship he builds. This is his promise to you: Helping you make a difference one event at a time.

Find out how his passion of putting you first will make the biggest difference at your next event. Let’s get started.

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Ray wants the entertainment decisions you make, make you successful. Here’s what he will do for you:

  • Furnish free resources to you, including podcasts, industry related blogs and industry news.
  • Connect you with performers that are professional in every aspect.
  • Provide performers that show up early, in professional attire and ready.
  • Educate the performers about your group, goals and company.
  • Guarantee there is never any political, religious or blue humor. Never.
  • Connect you with those who are practiced and well polished from years of experience.
  • Work to exceed everyone’s expectations.
  • Handle all performance details for you.
  • Research and learn YOUR message.
  • NEVER charge extra for assisting you in making your choices.

Do YOU want extraordinary?


*You do not pay extra for Ray Smerlin’s services. He will freely and happily consult with you at any time about your event.


Ray Smerlin





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